They run in when others run out!

Image created by Robin Pierre America

Every year International Firefighter’s Day is celebrated on 4th May. We salute firefighters who risk and sacrifice their lives for others. We acknowledge and remember those who lost their lives in the call of duty.

The recent Cape Town Fires has shed light on the daunting task that Firefighters face. It also showed how much admiration civilians have for firefighters. Many people and organisations offered their support and took water and snacks as a means to show their appreciation.

Thus it comes as no surprise that The International Firefighters’ Day was established following a tragic incident that took place in Australia’s Linton Town. On 2 December, 1998, five firemen were killed while trying to extinguish a wildfire.

So you can celebrate this day by wearing a red and blue ribbon in aid of raising awareness about the dangers that firefighters face.

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