KC Vibes

On Saturday, KC listeners will be in for a treat when Selwyn Bartlett celebrates 40 years as a DJ. He remains a big hit with modern-day listeners after first getting people dancing at the former Tiffany’s night club in the 1980s. At the time, people came as far as Cape Town, Malmesbury, Laingsburg and even the West Coast to experience Selwyn’s music choices, mixing techniques and microphone chirps. “Tiffany's was the first major nightclub where I cut my teeth,” he tells us. Join Selwyn’s celebratory live-stream this Saturday at 17:00.

Taylor Ontong spoke to Margo Tamzone Adonis on KC’s lifestyle show. Adonis is an environmental activist and founder of #visionofchangeSA. Taylor shared some tips with listeners who want to join the movement and help clean up the environment this July. You can also take the challenge by refusing single-use plastics.

The disabled and women’s rights activist Dr Marlene le Roux spoke to KC moments after she received the Covid-19 vaccine this week. She was born and raised in Wellington and is still a big fan of KC 107.7. “It was a very emotional day because my mother recently passed away due to Covid-19,” said Marlene during a heartfelt interview with Avril Esterhuizen. “The process was smooth and I want to urge people to register for the vaccine.” Marlene also called on government to ensure that vaccination facilities were easily accessible for people with disabilities.

This week, Grant Johnson introduced us to Anny during “Open mic Wednesday”, a popular feature on #KCBreakfast. Anny, who says her “government name” is Andrea Fortuin, collaborates with rapper Early B on the new, banging hit “Forever or never”. Anny, a Facebook and TikTok singing sensation, had 80 million views before being approached by Early B. She says followers can look forward to more singles, including a brand-new love song.