Author: Jo Ann Prinsloo

Ever heard of the term Pineapple evening? Do you know when it is celebrated and how? Listen to the Breakfast teams discussion about this juicy topic!

One thing is for sure if  the Breakfast team is not making drama they are definitely talking about it! The Breakfast team talks method acting and what effect it might have on actors/actresses that engage in this practice.  

Its never too early to start the  talk for what to get for Christmas, at least not for the Breakfast team!

There’s no time like joke time on the Breakfast Show. It can happen at any given time so best to always stay tuned and locked to not miss a good laugh to start off your day.

What happens when a listener calls in and voices her dissatisfaction with Dr Wear Wear’s outfit for the day? The drama never ends on the Breakfast Show, but listeners surely knew how to comfort Dr Wear Wear.

The breakfast team gets in their feelings all because of this one song…

Local singing sensation, Winston, took a chance this morning and sent the Breakfast team a video recording of himself singing a song that he wrote. Of course, the Breakfast team could not miss this opportunity and summonsed him to studio before had to go to work. World, watch out for Winston!  

Urban explosion turns 1 years old and they are celebrating in true style! The breakfast team talks about joining the party and the surprise that awaits..

Dr Wear Wear and her assistant gives advise on what to wear for the day!

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