International Puppy Day

Written by on 23 March 2022

We here at Radio KC 107.7 are celebrating International Puppy Day; I am sure we can all agree that even Man’s Best Friend Deserves a special day. The unconditional love and joy that these animals bring to our lives are unprecedented, if you were to ask a dog owner why they love their dogs so much, they’d probably tell you that they have a close and enduring bond with their dogs, they care about them on a deeper level, they have a relationship with dogs that they could never possibly have with other human beings.

In the beginning, dogs were allowed to pick the bones of human hunts clean after the groups of people had enjoyed their meals, and dogs likely followed humans as scavengers at first, but this wasn’t a take-only relationship with dogs begging ancient humans for their leftovers like most of our pups do. Dogs provided a service then that they still provided to us today, the watchdog, staying alert for large predators and barking to alarm their humans if a threat was nearby. Say thank you to your doggo today, buy them a special treat or take them on a good walk, maybe even a little cuddle, dogs have been looking out for us for centuries and they deserve all the treats in the world. 

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