South African Council on Sport to celebrate their 50th anniversary 

Written by on 6 October 2022

South African Council on Sport to celebrate their 50th anniversary

The South African Council on Sport will celebrate their 50th anniversary next year. This event will be celebrate country wide and in each province where non-racial sport under Sacos were played.
The theme will be The sacrifices of the sport people in Apartheid under Sacos, the only non-racial sport body in the world.

A steering committee was established in Wellington by delegate of Boland and Western Cape.
A program will be drawn up at the end of October in Johannesburg. This conference will be held in Boston.

The Refressing of Sacos and the road ahead will also be discus. It was very clear in this meeting that Sacos is eager to uplift community sport who has died amongst disadvantage communities. Alternative structures will be put in place.

A meeting with one of the only two living presidents, Frank van der Horst took place on 18th October in Cape Town for his blessings and inputs as and guest speaker at next year’s festival.

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