KC Top 30

Lucian van Wyk is a quirky media professional skilled in multimedia, journalism, writing, social media management, and radio. He graduated with his honors in journalism from Stellenbosch University in 2019 and is currently a full-time Knowledge Intern at Douglas Knowledge Partners. Here, he contributes to print and digital projects, fact-checks drafts, and manages the organization’s social media pages. He also co-manages the organization’s virtual creative platform called equills. In his free time, he loves binge-watching series, spending time with friends who’ve become family, and upskilling himself in digital marketing.

Show description:

On the KC Top 30, the latest local and international songs battle it out to take the top spot on KC 107.7! Hosted by Lucian van Wyk, you can expect the latest in the world of music and entertainment, Bubbling Under songs predicted to make the chart, and various entertaining features to kick-start your Saturday evening! So, what are you waiting for? Join the countdown every Saturday from 15:00 - 18:00 on KC 107.7

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