‘Passion for Compassion with CHOC’

Written by on 15 February 2022

Written by Bradley Fortuin

Brad, Sakhe and SeanJ spoke to Hedley Lewis this week on KC Drive. Hedley is the CEO of CHOC/Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (Registered non-profit organisation, providing care & support to children & teens diagnosed with cancer). Hedley emphasized the importance about having ‘passion for compassion’ and how a ‘Flip Flop sticker’ on ‘Flip Flop Day (18 February) can a long way. To follow CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA on Social Media: Facebook: (@CHOCFoundationSA) Instagram: (@chocfoundationsa) Twitter: (@CHOCfoundation) LinkedIn: (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA) YouTube: (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA) Official Website: (www.choc.org.za) BO The National fundraising campaign is called ‘Flip Flop Day’

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