Written by on 20 June 2022

Convicted wife beater Jaco Swart claims he was assaulted by a group of unknown men in Gauteng this past week.

He told his lawyer, Enoch Nethanani, the alleged assault took place in Pretoria on Thursday.

In a voice note to Nethanani, Swart claims he was beaten and put in the boot of a car

“I think they hit me over the head, and they loaded me into a car, and I was in a boot for some time. They took me out and kicked me. I remember them saying they are going to break my hands or cut off my hands because I hit women.

“I didn’t know where I was, and then they opened the boot and threw me out, so I don’t know how they got to me,” Swart said in voice note which was shared with News24.

Swart pleaded guilty to two charges of assault, with intention to inflict grievous bodily harm, against his estranged wife, Nicoleen Swart.

He was sentenced to a R20 000 fine and a three-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, in the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court on 7 June.

But AfriForum’s private prosecution unit viewed the sentence as “shockingly inappropriate”, and released CCTV footage that captured Swart brutalising, pushing, punching, and kicking Nicoleen at their business in 2018.

This sparked an outcry, and Nethanani told News24 his client received several threatening messages.

In another voice note sent to Nethanani, Swart claimed his head was “hurting so much” after the attack.

“There are some stories that are going around in the media that are not true, that are made up because it looks like they are saying I assaulted four women… that’s not right,” Swart said.

Nethanani said Swart did not open a case regarding the alleged assault on Thursday because he had lost faith in the Sinoville police station in Pretoria.

“What if he goes out and they kill him? Because he doesn’t even know who these people are. He will open a case against who?

“The public should know that my client is serving a sentence; nobody has a right to assault or kill him or make inflammatory statements. For now, he is just recovering.”


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