KC’s Louise Petersen Refreshes with the Diemersfontein-Thokozani Experience

Written by on 24 March 2022

Louise Petersen picking harvest ready grapes

Louise Petersen picking harvest-ready grapes on Diemersfontein vineyards.

This past long-weekend KC’s very own Louise Petersen emerged herself in the ‘Diemersfontein Experience’ an initiative by Diemersfontein Wine and Country Estate where guests while still being wined and dined get a fully immersive experience on what it is like to work on the Diemersfontein Vineyards. Petersen said she did absolutely everything from picking the wine grapes herself all the way to learning how to make the wine, Petersen reports; “I was blessed enough to meet the owner of Diemersfontein David Sonnenberg and had the privilege of staying over in the Thokozani Cottage”. Petersen says, “It was an amazing, beautiful experience for me… I had to place myself in the shoes of the daily farm worker… I was so humbled to have worked with them”.

Diemerfontein Vineyards is an iconic wine estate located in Wellington, it is here that the Sonnenberg Family have been creating wine and building life-changing experiences for three generations. The KC team would like to thank Diemersfontein for treating and exposing Louise Petersen to a whole new world of winemaking, keep your eyes peeled for more Diemersfontein articles to come! 

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