Paarl’s Beloved 100 year-old Uthmania Masjid Re-Opens After 2 Years

Written by on 24 March 2022

After being closed for 2 years due to maintenance issues the 100-year-old Uthmania Masjid has finally reopened its doors. The Masjid is a 100-year-old heritage site in Paarl, located next to the Berg River. It is more commonly referred to as ‘Die Oneste Masjid’ or “Die Waterkant Masjid’.A short history lesson on how the Uthmania Majid was established: 

 Boeta Jakoef du Toit, a revert Muslim was the original owner of the land belonging to the Boenste Mosque (Breda Street) and the Oneste (Waterkant Berg River) Mosque. History reports that Du Toit sent his son Imam Kiyamdien Du Toit overseas to study the Dien, when he returned Du Toit expected his son to be named the Imam of the Boenste Masjid but the Jamaah (the community) preferred Imam Habiel. Du Toit in response to the community’s decision set out and built a second mosque alongside the Berg River (Die Waterkant Masjid) and his son Imam Kiyamdien Du Toit became its spiritual leader. Jakoef Du Toit’s other son Biyal Sydien, was the mu’ adhdhin (a member of the mosque who summons the faithful to prayer) at the Breda Street Mosque, he never moved to the Waterkant Street Mosque with the rest of his family but rather built his residence in Weiss Street and owned a café right across the Breda Street Mosque. Unfortunately, today no descendants of this family remain in Paarl, but we here at Radio KC are sure that their history and heritage will continue for another 100 years. 

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